SEPTEMBER 21 – U.N. International Day of Peace

​Art of Peace is proud be a local voice of peace. On September 21st, the U.N. International of Peace, we turn our attention to the global organization Peace One Day.

On September 21st, to mark the day, Peace One Day will be broadcasting live from their London Office: the Peace One Day Live Global Digital Experience on the UN International Day of Peace, with special guests from around the world.

This ground-breaking virtual event, proudly sponsored by Avon, Lipton and Microsoft, will be broadcast to every continent, connecting leading international speakers, actors, musicians and live moments of peace and reconciliation from around the world. This online digital experience will raise awareness of Peace Day, and ultimately spread the message of peace and non-violence throughout the world. Here is a short film about the Peace One Day Live Global Digital Experience and what you can expect on the day.

We want you to get involved! CLICK HERE to register for The Peace One Day Live free digital experience today, and to hear about the exciting line-up of artists and speakers over the coming weeks.

Also, on September 21st, the Heartfulness Institute is hosting a worldwide mediation for Peace. Please visit their site by clicking here for more information.

Our local Heartfulness Peace Meditation is led by UT Tyler instructor and meditation trainer Gayathri Kambhampati.