Get Involved…Environmental Groups

“Peace, nonviolence, human rights and the environment – if only everybody saw these as the seamless whole that they are.”
– Jonathon Porritt

The Art of Peace is a powerful time to do something in support of the environment. Consider coordinating a neighborhood clean-up, encouraging children to learn about people, animals and habitats in different parts of the world, start an environmental group in your school or neighborhood, plant a peace pole in a community space, or start a neighborhood garden where youth can learn about growing food and good nutrition.

  • Organize a neighborhood clean-up or beautification project

  • Learn about the Roots and Shoots program for children and consider creating a Roots & Shoots group in your school, after school program or community – Go to

  • Organize a fundraising activity to help an environmental cause locally or across the world;

  • Plant or volunteer for a Peace Garden/ urban garden in your community.  Plant additional produce that can be donated to the local Food Bank;

  • Create art, a slideshow or video about an environmental issue important to you;

  • Volunteer for an environmental or animal welfare organization;

  • Host a composting or recycling workshop at your school or organization.

We cannot achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) unless we work together to make this a better world for people, other animals and the environment.”   
– Dr. Jane Goodall

  • Create a mural, group collage, mosaic, etc. – about an environmental issue, make it a visible part of your school, organization or community

  • Work with the City to organize a tree planting campaign in a public space in your community

  • Practice conservation and conscious consumerism in your own life and encourage others to do the same

  • Buy local, sustainably produced food;

  • Volunteer for local habitat restoration projects;

  • Create a campaign to encourage people to walk, bike, carpool or take transit as much as possible;

  • Start a community composting program and reduce waste.

Believe in the power of people to make change.  Each of us has the power to make the world a little better, in our city, in our neighbourhoods, and in our own lives.

“In recent decades debates about the relationship between the environment and peace have focused on how environmental problems like resource scarcity and climate change are likely to create or exacerbate conflict. The emerging discussion that links rising temperatures caused by climate change to increased incidences of conflict illustrates this tendency.” 
– Mark Notaras

(We are grateful for ideas and inspiration shared by Peace Day Philly )